Organic Material Study

Unreal Engine 4, Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Substance Designer

Created Spring 2019



This was my second attempt at creating PBR materials on 3D models. 

My task was to create the scene in both a new and decrepit state. 

I've never really worked with materials with subsurface before this so this was a good experiment for me. 

I wanted to work with very interesting foliage so I looked toward tropical forests, eventually finding the flora of Malaysia very interesting. 

I focused this project on the Rafflesia arnoldii, or Corpse Lily. It is the largest single flower in the world, growing up to three feet in diameter. It, and other flora of it's family, are only found in the tropical South East Asia. 

I was also interested in this plant in particular from it's feature in Nintendo Animal Crossing series, which is one of my all time favorite video game franchises.