Cor Domus (GGJ 2019 Ver.)

named "Best in Show" at the SCAD GGJ Site

My senior project team decided to participate together in the 2019 Global Game Jam in January. The theme of the event was "What Home Means to You." Our concept for our game was "Home is Where the Heart Is" which is how we got our title, Cor Domus, or literally "Heart Home" in latin.

We decided that our game would be a 2 player cooperative puzzle game where the players heal when near each other and are harmed when they are apart.

For the scope of the 48 hours we aimed to a low poly isometric game with 2D character sprites and illustrated "cutscenes."

I worked on preliminary character designs, the illustrated cutscenes, and the animation of the mobile enemy design.

Mobile Enemy Sprite Sheet (Above)

Two of the Illustrated Cutscenes, colored and background illustrated by me. Characters drawn by Skipper Stow, Heart Pieces illustrated by Hugo Pereira. (Left)

Final product screenshots. (Below)