Cor Domus

Cor Domus- The Rookies Game of the Year PC & Console People's Choice

Cor Domus is Co-Op Puzzle game from Bunch of Witches, that explores the highs and lows of a newly-formed relationship. With several puzzles and enemy encounters exploring the different stages of a relationship, Cor Domus is sure to bring back memories or create new ones with anyone who plays it.

The game began as a project for the 2019 Global Game Jam event by a group of SCAD game development seniors. After the game jam, Cor Domus went on to win "Best in Show" at the Savannah GGJ location beating out over 20 other games. From that win, the team decided to take the Cor Domus into full production.

Cor Domus went to compete in the top three of the Georgia Game Developer's Association "Best in Georgia." Picked from all of the games created during the 2019 GGJ event in the state of Georgia.

​The product you see today is the culmination of approximately 17 weeks from a small team of 6 game-design students and external help of students from animation and sound design.


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Substance Designer Materials 

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Hand Painted Assets

All of our assets only use the base color of the material. This was decided as an aesthetic choice by our art director, Skipper Stow. This decision was to keep the emphasis on the unique patterns and forms present in our assets. All of our environment assets also used a different shader than the player characters, this decision inspired by the traditional animation use of painted detailed backgrounds and flat animated characters.

(All assets below textured by Hayley Margaret Schmelzer unless otherwise noted.)


Bunch of Witches Team

Hugo Henriques Pereira  -  Lead Game Designer, UI Designer, Lighting Artist

Skipper Stow  -  Art Director, Character Artist, VFX Artist

Amir Ahmadi  -  Lead Programmer, Game Designer, Technical Artist

Hayley Margaret Schmelzer  -  Lead Texture Artist, Concept Artist

Haley Nettleton  -  3D Modeler, Environment Artist, Gameplay Camera

Shelby Merrill  -  3D Modeler, Environment Artist

Kenneth Charles Mayer III  -  Narrative Designer, Programmer

Nathan "ZeWei" Malota  -  Composer

Devon Palmer  -  Animator

John "Moose" Sanders  -  Sound Designer

Special Thanks To

Cyril Guichard, SuAnne Fu & all of SCAD ITGM faculty