Space Age Babes


Space Age Babes is a project I worked on in Winter 2017. It is a visual development exploration of a hypothetical television show. I chose to do a sci-fi sitcom focused around the employees of a spaceship insurance company.

We started with creating a character line-up. I knew that I wanted to create a diverse group of characters, with a focus on silhouette and varied body types. I felt that those were important to my characters as I also wanted them all to be wearing matching uniforms.

Then we took two of our characters and created turnarounds and expression sheets for them. 


After getting a sense of the characters we moved into defining the world of our TV show.  I started by creating greyscale thumbnails, then took my two favorites and fleshed the shapes out. Part of the assignment was to incorporate all four characters into the environment. Which was a new challenge for me at the time.

After critique from my peers, I decided to combine both of the layouts that I had detailed. When deciding how to portray this world I wanted there to feel a sense of history and culture. So I contrasted the slick futuristic shapes of the background buildings with intricate columns and lush foliage in the foreground.